Pro Tools 110

Next 110 Class scheduled for August 6 - 7 10AM - 6PM


24-30 hours


This course provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system on top of the knowledge you learned in Pro Tools 101. It covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools LE system. The course provides the foundation for the later 200-series of courses on Pro Tools music and post production.



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure your studio and session
  • Control Pro Tools using external controllers
  • Manage session data and media files
  • Record MIDI and audio, using loop recording and advanced techniques
  • Work with time scales and virtual instruments
  • Work with Avid Elastic Audio
  • Edit and quantize MIDI and audio
  • Use audio editing and file management techniques
  • Apply editing techniques such as the use of Beat Detective for Region Looping
  • Enable, play, view, and edit automation data
  • Mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, Master Faders, and groups

Software Configuration

  • Pro Tools LE 8
  • DigiRack EQ III, Dynamics III, and DVerb
  • Digidesign D-Fi
  • Xpand!
  • Hybrid
  • Structure LE
  • Eleven LE
  • Smack LE
  • TL Space - Native Edition
  • MP3 Option
  • DigiTranslator 2
  • X-Form
  • Torq LE
  • Music Production Toolkit 2
  • DV ToolkitTM 2

System Configurations

  • MBox 2 Family
  • 003 Family
  • Legacy LE Interfaces (Mbox, Digi 002)
  • Pro Tools|HD
  • M-Audio Trigger FingerTM or Axiom Pro keyboard controller recommended


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